About us

We are Becky & Gavin, a husband and wife team based in the UK. We are known on Instagram as @sunkissedtogether. We have traveled to some amazing places and have now decided to share our experiences with you. Our site is about our love of travel, beautiful scenery and happy times. As we continue this journey, we are learning more ourselves. We are self taught on photography although Gavin did do a little photography at college many moons ago!

We hope that you can make use of what we are sharing with you, using it to start your journey and create some amazing memories that will last a lifetime.

About our blog

We have always wanted to turn our love of travel into something more! Hence, the birth of this blog! Now I donโ€™t only get to share my list of recommendations to people close to my heart, but to every single travel lover out there! Hoping that our non-sugar-coated stories, honest reviews & bucket list experiences would inspire you to see the world despite all the fixed schedules, shift work and limited vacation days! We canโ€™t wait to hear your story! Welcome to our little travel community!

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