Paris – The city of love

Where to begin with Paris?! There is just so much to see and do in this diverse city. We have spent days walking around from place to place and we have sore feet to prove it. The city is filled with so landmarks that the city is famous for. The biggest draw has to be the iconic Eiffel Tower. Its a must see for any visit and one we have seen each time we have been here.

Getting here

Just so many options depending on where you are coming from. As we live in the UK we have a number of ways that work for us and have done a few of them. For us we mainly go by train or as we call it the Eurostar.

You can book these high speed trains on the Eurostar website that leave from a number of different stations. They leave form London St Pancras, Ebbsfleet Internationl and Ashford international. The Eurostar is the passenger service to paris. There is another option but we will come to that. So, taking the train from one of those 3 stations will whisk you to the heart of Paris and Gare Du Nord in around 2hrs 15min.

You also have the freedom to fly from any major airport into the Charles De Gaulle airport. As i mentioned earlier there is a train option. You can take your car or hire car on them EuroTunnel terminal in Folkstone, Kent to either Calais or Lille. From there you can drive to the outer ring of Paris in 2 and a half hours and get the Metro into the center. We have done this and its so easy to do.

Our Accomodation – Notre hébergement

Having been to Paris a number of times, we have stayed in quite a few hotels. As you can imagine, in Paris these can cost quite an amount, but there are also some really good value boutique hotels such as the Grands Boulevards, where we stayed.

You can easily find affordable to accommodation that wont break the bank and will still be walking distance to all of the iconic landmarks.


As you would expect, Paris has SO much to offer. From the iconc landmarks of the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomph, Louvre, Champs Elysees, Champs De Mars, to the more unknown areas that have just as much to offer.

The city of love has it all and more. We have spent many weekend’s here watching the world go by while having a glass of Champagne in a bar on the Elysees. I’ts a magical city and a place that will draw you back on more than one occasion.

One of the More unknown public tours is the Paris Catacombs. These network of tunnels run for more than 200km under the streets of Paris but are largely closed except for one section for public tours. A definite must see.

One of our favourite places was the Notre Dame cathedral. A true masterpiece of construction that was built in 1160 and completed in 1260. The architecture is amazing. The large stained glass North Rose window will blow you away. Make sure you do not miss this landmark.

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