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Platja D’Aro – A little gem in the Med.

Sometimes you just stumble across somewhere that you weren’t expecting. A place that seems to have everything from long beaches, small quiet coves with clear water, vibrant nightlife with fine dining and boutique cocktail bars.

Platja D’Aro has all you can want and more. Its a little known resort in Girona, and appears to have been kept a secret until now. It’s more of an upmarket Spanish town and certainly not the typical resort on the Costa Brava.

For these reasons, we have visited twice in almost as many years. When we have visited, we have opted to drive from the UK. You might be thinking that’s a long way, and it is, but it gives us freedom and flexibility to explore new places. We wouldn’t have found so many unique areas off the beaten track without one. During our drive we get to see so many areas of France that you normally wouldn’t if flaying 35,000ft above. You can of course rent a car when you arrive and still get the freedom you want.


If you can’t drive or prefer to fly, you can get flights from many major airport directly in to Girona or maybe even fly to Barcelona and spend some time in this awesome city. You can read about this in our future blog!


Spain is famous for many dishes to excite your taste buds. of course, the national dish is Paella which we love. Anyone who know’s us, know’s how much we love our food. We never stick to ‘ safe ‘ food as its important to try things out of your comfort zone. Whenever we are away, we try national and regional dishes as there is always a different twist to a national dish depending on what part of the country you are in.

Seafood is a BIG hit with us and Spain is BIG on seafood dishes. There are some that we don’t like such as oysters, but many we do like sea snails, squid, mussels, cockles etc.

One of the best seafood restaurant’s in the area is the La Taverna Del Mar. With is charming blue and white decor and overlooking the calm water in the bay of Sagaro, you’d be hard pressed to find anything better.

The restaurant as a long history in Sagaro, dating back to 1936. The care that is taken in supplying the freshest and finest seafood as astounding. If you have the chance to visit, you wont be disappointed. With a wide selection of dishes to choose from, you will always find great with bundles of flavor.

La Taverna Del Mar

Platja D’aro has so much to offer everyone. It’s very much a place that you can be want you want it to be with a huge variety of things do do and see. By day you can visit some of the best beaches in the area such as Cala Sa Cova, Cala Belladona, Cap Roig and Playa Punta Els Canyers.

These are beautiful, unspoilt coves and beaches that have you walking up and down steep steps just to reach them. But, boy are they worth it! These secluded spots are quiet and pristine. The water is clear and clean that has you swimming and relaxing in all day until it’ s time to say adios until the next day.

In the evening the street’s of Platja D’aro are lined with boutique shops, upmarket bars and restaurants. You will also find traditional Spanish restaurants, not to mention many dishing up cuisine form all over the world.

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