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When planning our upcoming trips, we start to think about the various things we will need to take to help keep our travels comfortable and relaxing.

It doesn’t matter where we are travelling to either. It can be an internal flight at home or away, long haul flights or road trips, our routine is always the same. I love a list and Gavin likes to have an itinerary! Before we leave on our travels, I have a checklist to ensure that we have all that we need and I can relax knowing that noting has been missed. What is really important is our carry on luggage.

  • Backpack

We have alot to carry these days and our kit is forever growing. We also have quite a bit of kit to carry that weighs a ton! We need our laptop, hard drive, phone gimbal, for smooth hand held video, DSLR camera, camera tripod and now our drone.

This gear is essential to us now and we can’t do without it. We recently partnered with a great company based in the USA who produce some of THE best backpacks on the market. We are totally obsessed with our new Signature backback’s from Vessel. Vessel make backpacks for both men and women as well as a selection of tote bags . The backpacks really tick all of our boxes. They a super roomy, provide a huge amount of storage, solid protection for our gear and they are vegan friendly. Gavin has the Signature 2.0 plus and i have the women’s Signature 2.0.

Vessel have a great commitment to helping school children around the world. For every bag that is purchased from Vessel, they will give a bag to a child in need under their ‘ Buy a bag, give a bag scheme ‘.To date they have helped over 27,000 children to receive a bag and fulfilling their ethos of ‘Filled with purpose ‘ by being purposeful and helping to make a difference.

  • Tote

The holiday always starts at the Airport. A bit of last minute shopping, a relaxing meal or just a quick drink is standard. What else is standard is a carry on bag. I like to take a Tote bag with me. They are classy but also so practical. I can fit all my must have items in such as passports, purse / wallet, cash, card, phone , magazine and electronics. The bag slips nicely under the seat for easy access.

  • Liquid’s Pouch

I use clear pouches and bottles for liquids that I carry on. Because of their clear design, they are approved no matter what airport you travel from, so you can rest assured you wont have any issues.


Nowadays, some airlines no longer offer pillows and blankets to economy passengers. It’s always best to be prepared!

  • Travel Pillow

A good travel pillow can be your best friend. You can use them literally anywhere! car, train, boat, plane. They can be a saviour in getting some quality rest especially if you have multiple transfers or long stints on a plane.

  • Eye Mask

The most important features in a good eye mask are that it blocks out all light and isn’t too tight around your head. Often included in a basic economy class kit or you get some great quality ones in business or first. The ones handed out in Emirates Business class are our favourite.

  • Ear Plugs

Never underestimate the joy of having a good set of earplugs. They will not only make your flight more enjoyable but could save your sanity along with your travels.



Our flight clothing changes depending on our destination and flight times, but we always make sure we have the essentials. These items will keep you comfy and looking your best:

  • Shoes

A good comfy pair of shoes is a must. The altitude of flights can cause your feet to swell and cause you pain and discomfort.

  • Jumper

Finding the ideal travel jumper is like finding the perfect partner. I’m not kidding. Once you find “the one” you’ll never leave home without it.

I’ve found that a long cardigan is perfect for flights. You can wear it as a sweater, lay it over you like a blanket, or bundle it up around your neck like a scarf.

  • Headwear

I don’t pack my hats in luggage, because they usually get squished. I like them to remain in tact for when we arrive at our destination. However i do use a soft headband or a hair scarf, they are comfy, keep your hair out the way and look stylish.

  • Compression Socks

On a more serious note, you should always, always travel with compression socks. Long flights can wreak havoc on leg health. Travel-related deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a condition dubbed “economy-class syndrome” which causes blood clots following long-haul air travel in cramped conditions.

Studies have concluded that airline passengers who wear compression stockings during flights of four hours or more can significantly reduce their risk of DVT as well as leg swelling.



Most airlines serve up a couple of options for meals on board. Some meals are not always the best. We think like to of them as cardboard and indigestion. Always pack some snacks, especially on long-haul flights.

  • Snacks

We will typically bring a piece of fresh or dried fruit, crackers or a little treat like a muffin to snack on during the flight and pass the time.



Aircraft have a very low humidity, so keeping your skin and body hydrated is really important.

  • Water Bottle

I highly recommend getting a reusable and collapsible water bottle for your travels. It rolls up small enough to fit in your pocket when empty, and it is leakproof. Most airports have water bottle filling stations, and the flight crew will always fill up your bottle if you ask.

While it may mean extra trips to the lavatory, drinking lots of water before and during your flight can help with jet lag and fatigue.

  • Eye Cream

For me, one of the worst effects of travel is tired eyes. It can make a massive difference if you use a good eye cream. It will re-hydrate those tired eyes and give you a lift

  • Lip Balm

I use a hypoallergenic a gentle lip balm like Nivea. They do some fruity one’s too but i’m afraid they don’t count as one of your 5 a day!


Keep clean

Long travel days can leave you feeling unclean and uncomfortable. These items will keep you feeling fresh:

  • Hand Sanitiser

It’s not new news that airplanes are blanketed in bacteria and even with the heightened risk with COVID-19 even more so. Do your best to keep clear of germs and do your part not to spread them. Take a good alcohol hand sanitiser with at least 70% alcohol. You can even get antibacterial hand wipes that are hypoalergenic.

  • Wipes

Having a pack of wipes handy is a must have. Great to freshen up, remove make up and for hand cleaning as well. I’ve used water wipes before. They are meant as baby wipes, but as they are 99% water, contain no harmful chemicals or fragrances, they are eco friendly and hydrating as well.


Brighten up

With limited carry-on space and limitations on liquids, it’s best to bring less makeup onboard. A few of my favourite items to include are

  • Mascara

A little mascara can go a long way and can help brighten your eyes after a flight.

  • Rejuvenating the eye’s

As I mentioned before, puffy eyes are my biggest concern when traveling. I use energizing collagen eye gels near the end of a flight to give my under eyes a kick-start of clean collagen, vitamin C, rose oil, and hyaluronic acid. I love that they come individually wrapped so it’s not messy to use, plus they’re vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free.



A little freshness is a life-saver on a travel day. These items will keep you feeling refreshed both on and off your flight

  • Mints

Try to avoid chewing gum while you’re flying. Swallowing the extra air can sometimes cause tummy aches. Instead, opt for something like peppermint chews or drops to keep fresh.

  • Deodorant

Do everyone a favour a reapply during your flight. I prefer a roll on but Gavin likes to take a regulation friendly can of spray on. Its a must on long haul. if you are lucky enough to fly business or first, you’ll often be give these within your amenity pack.

  • Eye Drops

Sometimes a couple of eye drops are all you need to feel refreshed after a long flight. Don’t forget to pack a bottle!

  • Toothbrush

We usually have an amenity kit with us that has all the freshen up items we leave them in the bag no matter where we go so we can keep our breath and smile fresh after a meal.

  • Spare Pair

It never hurts to pack a spare pair of undies and an extra top on long-travel days.



A long-haul flight can seem daunting, so be prepared with plenty of things to entertain yourself. Here are some ideas to keep clear of boredom:

  • Tablet

I love the feel of a physical book more than anything, but they can be bulky, especially a hardback. A tablet keep all of your apps, music, games, and eBooks stored in one compact device is a great alternative.

Make sure your apps and software are updated and downloaded before you board. Look into apps before your flight to help you plan your trip and keep you busy on the flight.

  • Phone

If you are travelling out of the country, be sure to turn off your mobile data to avoid roaming fees, unless you are in the EU and your data is included ( it is for us in the UK). .Smartphones also offer the same features of a tablet with plenty of games, books, and apps to make time go by faster.

  • Headphones

investing in a decent pair of headphones can add an element of extra comfort on a flight that is highly recommended. Gavin uses a pair of Bose QC35 headphones. They have some of the best noise cancelling features on any headphone. They are at the top end at nearly £250 but wearing them on a flight cancels out the background noise to immerse yourself in a film or a book.

  • Electronic Chargers & Adapters

Don’t forget to pack any chargers for devices that you bring in your carry-on! Depending on where you’re travelling, you may need a universal adaptor for your plugs.

Don’t Forget

Everything I’ve mentioned so far is replaceable and can be purchased in most places around the world. So, don’t sweat about forgetting the small stuff.

These are the most important things to remember:

  • Passport and/or Identification
  • Credit Cards and/or Cash
  • Valuables

Never pack expensive items in your checked baggage, or you may never see them again. I always carry-on my camera equipment and nice jewelry.

  • Travel Insurance

Please please get this! we cant say this enough. We’ve heard so many horror stories of people either having accidents or falling ill and not having cover. Untimely this could cost you your home and your life savings as medical bills can easily run to over £100k if not more in very serious cases. Make sure you have right level of cover and if you are doing sport ensure you are covered for those on the same policy or take out a policy that has that protection for you.

  • Copies of Important Documents

It’s always wise to bring physical copies of your passport and any other travel documents in the case of loss or theft.

  • Medications

Of course, you should always bring any medication you require in your carry-on. Keep in mind that you may be required to show proof of prescription for some medications.

I usually bring a small pill case for general ailments such as a headache, nausea, and allergies.

  • Liquid Allowances

Don’t forget your liquids need to be kept in a clear plastic bag. Becky hates having to sort through our items while at the airport so now has a reusable plastic bag which we sort out before we leave for the airport, saving the hassle once we are there and cutting down on single use plastic.

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